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Flying Colour Real Estate, one of the Dubai leading edge real estate brokerage house is a unique and dynamic company offering a wide range of exciting career paths from sales, customer service, administrative, marketing, HR ,legal and finance jobs.

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We are not a typical estate agent company. We place great importance on matching the right people on the right roles and working with them to reach their full potential. The success of our company is our dedicated team.


The most important qualifications are enthusiasm, energy, integrity and a positive attitude. We can teach you the rest. Once the suitable role has been established for you then we spend an immense amount of time and resources ensuring you receive all standards and support to deliver your job responsibilities. We will ensure that you will reach to your fullest potential of abilities.

Our people:

At Flying Colour real estate each and every employee does really makes a difference. We believe that creating high-energy dynamic environment with continuous support will bring the best out of our people.

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